Tesla Releases Beta For Full Self-Drive

Tesla has released a beta version of their Full Self-Driving upgrade to some early testers. I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube, and they’re both amazingly impressive, and a little bit scary; Impressive in that they seem to work really well, scary that the technology is so close to being available to so many people.

I love the idea of AI driving our cars, and think that in the long run, it will probably be much safer for everyone. In the short-term there are bound to be accidents, even casualties, but probably less than real people are causing. The part that saddens me, is that I love to drive and eventually, once or even if, if you prefer, self-driving cars will be the norm. This means we won’t be allowed to drive as much, and my kids may never even experience the joys of driving, with the benefit being they won’t experience the dangers either.

Regardless, this beta really shows us how close this technology is to being something we’ll all start encountering in the near future, either in our own cars if we can afford it, or in the cars driving next to us on the highway.