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  • Apple Silicon Macs

    Apple held an online event today officially releasing Macs running on Apple’s own custom built chips, starting with the M1. Specifically they announced a new 13″ MacBook Air, a new 13″ MacBook Pro, and a new Mac Mini. M1 Chip The M1 sounds like a pretty amazing chip if Apple’s claims hold up. There were […]?

  • Thoughts On MagSafe

    I’ve been reading and thinking about the new MagSafe feature of the iPhone 12 models. First, I don’t really think this technology is comparable to the old MagSafe on Apple MacBooks. I personally don’t think it’s worthy of the name, as there’s nothing specifically safe about it; If your dog trips over the cord, your […]?

  • Reply Feature In Apple Messages

    I found a new reply feature in messages this weekend. It was added in iOS 14. Basically it allows you to reply to a specific message, showing an obvious visual reference to the parent message and creating a thread. This could be very handy when you have multiple questions or conversations happening at the same […]?

  • Apple Launches Apple One (Service Bundles)

    Today, Apple officially launched its bundled services, Apple One. If you currently pay for multiple Apple services, this might save you some money, or you might be able to get an extra service at basically no cost. I currently subscribe to the family plan for Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and 200GB of iCloud storage. For […]?

  • Experiments V: Dark Universe

    Apple published a video recently showing off the low-light capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro (and Pro Max). This video is very stylized footage shot in very low light with some very creative techniques. It’s an incredibly impressive video, although it doesn’t really show anything resembling real life. Unfortunately, they chose to shoot this video […]?

  • Tesla Releases Beta For Full Self-Drive

    Tesla has released a beta version of their Full Self-Driving upgrade to some early testers. I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube, and they’re both amazingly impressive, and a little bit scary; Impressive in that they seem to work really well, scary that the technology is so close to being available to so many people. […]?

  • Quibi Is Gone

    So, it’s official. Quibi has shut down. Quibi seemed like a strange idea from the start, and surely wasn’t executed very well. I saw a bunch of their shows advertised on Amazon Prime, and a couple looked interesting, but not enough to get me to try out the service; I never even looked into if […]?

  • iPhone 12 And iPhone 12 Pro Reviews Are Out

    The embargo for reviewing the new iPhones 12 was lifted. These phones should be in customers hands starting this Friday. I don’t have a review myself, as I’m holding out for the iPhone 12 Pro Max; hopefully I can actually hold such a big phone. Here are some of the reviews I personally enjoyed: Unfortunately, […]?

  • Hi, Speed — Impressions

    Apple held its online-only iPhone 12 event earlier this week, and there’s quite a bit to talk about. There were 4 new models announced, the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the iPhone mini. Apple also announced a new HomePod mini. All 4 new iPhones this year feature 5G. […]?

  • Is Back has been offline for way too long. Life happens. Priorities change. Well I thought it was time to bring the site back. I’ll now be focusing on a broader range of subjects. This won’t be only about the latest video cards anymore. I’ll be covering all sorts of tech-related news, events, hardware and software. […]?