Apple Launches Apple One (Service Bundles)

Today, Apple officially launched its bundled services, Apple One. If you currently pay for multiple Apple services, this might save you some money, or you might be able to get an extra service at basically no cost. I currently subscribe to the family plan for Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and 200GB of iCloud storage. For what I’m paying now (actually I think it’s a bit less), I can add Apple TV+.

Theres a bundle for both individuals, and family plans. Theres also a Premiere plan that includes the above plus Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+ (When that launches later this year), and raises your iCloud storage to 2TB.

If you don’t know if you want or need all of these services, they offer a free trial. I’ll also be releasing a YouTube video in the next few days giving an overview of Apple Arcade that might give you some more insight.

Also, if you know you want to sign up for the bundle, it looks like they start charging the minute you sign up, even if you paid your monthly subscription fees for other services yesterday. They may end up refunding some, but I’m not sure, so maybe wait and subscribe near the end of your current billing cycle.

Find out more about the bundles and pricing on Apple’s website.